Corporate social responsibilty

Radiometer is dedicated to making a positive and socially responsible contribution in the more than 100 countries we are present in today

We are committed to making a positive and socially responsible contribution to the more than 130 countries where we are present today.

Our dedication to sustainability has led us to focus on health and safety issues, recycling, the environment, and the very fabric that binds our business together; people.

At Radiometer we know that people make the difference, which is why we have embraced new initiatives that include in-job training, Advanced Lean Education and technical training programs to ensure that our employees develop and expand their knowledge and skills.

Outside the Radiometer organization, we also continue our commitment to sustainability, both locally and globally, by engaging in initiatives that range from supporting socially marginalized youth in the local community to assisting with capacity building in the healthcare sector in developing markets.

Radiometer is part of the United Nation’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, Global Compact.

In addition, Radiometer actively engages in a number of partnership initiatives in the developing world.


CSR report 2015
CSR report 2014
CSR report 2013
CSR report 2011-2012
CSR report 2010

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