Gentle touch, continuous trending

Select transcutaneous monitors for sleep labs

Non-invasive sensors measuring tcpCO2, tcpO2 and SpO2 values gently and in real time.

Non-invasive, continuous trending

More than 18 million Americans, newborns to geriatric, suffer from some type of sleep disorder*. Professionals agree, monitoring CO2 during sleep provides essential information about the patient’s ventilatory status, and should be a part of all sleep studies.

As opposed to end-tidal procedures, Radiometer offers a variety of non-invasive sensors measuring tcpCO2, tcpO2 and SpO2 values gently and in real time, improving the effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment.

Radiometer transcutaneous monitor benefits:

  • Non-invasive; the comforting power of a gentle touch
  • Easily applied on various sites such as thorax, forearm, or earlobe
  • Offers a variety of sensors measuring tcpCO2, tcpO2 & SpO2
  • Continuous real-time trending, simultaneous viewing
  • Compatible with polysomnographs & patient management systems
  • Ideal for monitoring neonatal & pediatric patients
  • Units are portable & have battery backup power
* Aug/2014, Ramalinga P. Reddy, M.D., MBA, FCCP, Director, Children’s Pulmonary & Sleep Center, Mercy Children’s Hospital

TC TOSCA CombiM monitors

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